New Jersey based singer-songwriter Mark Murphy blends the best elements of acoustic storytelling and live studio performance for his new album Slip Away. Recorded with some of today’s most influential jazz musicians, Murphy's album has been compared to classic works by Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Nick Drake.

Accompanying Mark Murphy on vocals and acoustic guitar, are the influential jazz musicians Jeff Ballard on drums, Jon Cowherd on keyboards, Gilad Hekselman on guitar, Dayna Stephens on saxophone and ewi, Chris Morrissey on bass and Maria Neckam on vocals.

Yet, even with some of the most in-demand jazz musicians anywhere, Slip Away is not a “jazz” album. Calling it a “singer-songwriter” album would also be off the mark. The music is, in fact, a unique hybrid of these musical worlds, and others. The caliber of the musicians involved is testament to the fact that Slip Away can be enjoyed all fans of accomplished songwriting and arranging, no matter the genre.
The album also includes five unique arrangements of songs by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Randy Newman and The Tragically Hip. These arrangements are especially exciting given the spirited performances of the group and Murphy's choice of songs rarely covered by other artists.   

Mark and the band had such camaraderie while recording, that plans have already been made to come together again and record in April 2016. "Everyone in the group is really excited about Slip Away and we can’t wait to take things to the next level," said Murphy.